My Dad has notoriously been a difficult person to purchase presents for on birthdays and holidays. Not because he already has everything, rather because he doesn’t want anything.

He is a minimalist. He prefers old ratty t-shirts to new ones. He uses Shoe Goo to maintain his old worn-out shoes. And he simply is not very interested in materialistic things.

Throughout my life, when I asked him what he wanted for a present, he always responded, “A new jockstrap.” It was a running joke with everyone in our family. …

The summer between my junior and senior year of college I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. As my parents took me to the airport to begin my journey I was filled with excitement and terror. That type of nervous energy that hops back and forth between fear and delight.

This was back when you could walk someone all the way to the departure gate for a flight. I remember getting about halfway down the gate to board the plane and looking back at my parents with tears in my eyes. We waved to one another, I turned around, and headed…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve consumed articles, podcasts, movies, and tv shows trying to educate myself on how to become an anti-racist. But in the process, I’ve discovered I’m simply a nice white lady.

I’ve noticed racism throughout my life but have rarely spoken up, especially if it has occurred in large groups or in public.

I have had numerous discussions about racism, but almost always in smaller circles with like-minded people where there was safety in expressing my opinion.

I have even proudly shared a story with countless people about my parents refusing to join a local country…

Stevie Cromer

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